Roster Management Instructions

Roster Management Instructions

Team Manager Roster Instructions:

Go to register

Register yourself by creating a profile on the website

  • There are five (5) tabs of information; all of which are required fields!
  • This includes the upload of a photo, or use of webcam to take and save a photo for upload
  • This photo is required for creation of new player identification cards only
    1. The photo is not shown on the front of the website nor available to any other website user

You will only be able to register if you agree to the terms and conditions, in addition to the inclusion of all required fields (above)

A message will appear upon submission of an accepted (successful) registration



You account will be activated right away and you'll be able to log in an manage your roster



Add Player to Roster

You will be notified via email when a player applies to join your roster.

  • Log in to the site
  • If not already re-directed, go to: Team Directory
  • Click on the your team on the left
  • Most cases you will have admin access to one team only

control panel


  • A list of players waiting to be approved will be on the top left corner
  • Click on the link to accept or reject players



  • From the drop down, select to approve or reject player
  • Save your roster after making any changes
  • Player will be notified wether he was accepted or not

roster save


Your saved roster will display all th eplayers in your roster


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